Dissected and fragmented stories remain suspended in a state of incompleteness: Half written, partially revised, moderately edited. Language carefully selected, reveals the depths of longing, love, and loss. Plot developed with twists and turns, revelations and secrecy, triumph and tragedy. Texts driven by characters who stretch beyond our notions of sanity, bending rigid lines, blurring expectation and reality.

Once vibrant and full, these characters now lay flat against my mind, holograms I reach for in my dreams. Restless and defiant, they shout their disapproval.

How I could I ignore them?

How could I not see the value they add to my life?

Now jaded by time and imperfection, I cringe at the idea of returning to the works I was once so passionate about. But hope, in its rawest form, rears its head and sweeps away the cobwebs, the doubt. So I begin again…

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