Meet and Greet This Weekend

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Come join the blog party and meet some of your fellow bloggers.

Dream Big, Dream Often

Is it just coincidence that my views go down considerably every time I post about living a healthy lifestyle?!  I find that IMG_7051hilarious!

At any rate, I will be hosting my bi-monthly Meet and Greet this weekend starting tomorrow morning.  I have decided to go back and include in the Meet and Greet post a link to all the MnG posts so that everyone has a level in which to participate.

I keep saying this and hope everyone listens: the single most important aspect of this thing is the reblog.  Why?  Because the more people that see the Meet and Greet post, the more people that you meet!  The MnG has been super popular and I am sure this event will not disappoint!  Look for the post tomorrow through Sunday night.

As is my habit, I will be reblogging posts throughout the MnG so be sure to leave a link…

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