777 Writer’s Challenge Times 2

Imagine my surprise a few days ago when I logged on and found that I had been selected by two fellow bloggers–Jacqueline from A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales  and Sandra from Sandra J. Jackson Expressions–to participate in the 777 Writers Challenge.

The rules are:  I am to go to the 7th page of my WIP, find the 7th sentence on that page, and then paste the following 7 sentences into my blog post. And then select 7 other writers for the challenge! So here goes…

“The baby…it was a girl, not a boy,” I screamed and kicked, squirming away from her hold. And as my limbs flailed, my mind slowed. Dark spots formed behind my eyes to hide fragmented memories rising from their caskets. I rocked and twisted to the rhythm of pain. That was how the first session ended, with me lying on the floor, drowning in familiar waters, a martyr of history’s venomous bite. Big Brenda came and gave me the sleepy shot and away I went, swaying in black slush.

Later that evening, when the medicine started to wear off, the darkness parted so that slivers of light squeezed through.

I’d like to invite the following bloggers to participate:

Hippocriticali’s Blog

Honest Me 363

Midnight Blogger

The Totally Serious, Absolutely Professional Blog

Ink and Quill

All Things Autumn

Elan Mudrow

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2 Responses to 777 Writer’s Challenge Times 2

  1. honestme363 says:

    I have to apologize for the delay in responding, your comment was in my spam! Thank you for thinking of me for the challenge, but I do not have a novel in the works! I do love your writing though!


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